Children’s Dentistry

From the moment those first teeth start coming through, you want to do all you can to protect your child’s teeth, but it can sometimes feel like a struggle to get them to understand the importance of good oral hygiene. The earlier you get them into good habits, the more likely they are to stick with them, and you could encourage them by:

  • Having a reward chart for daily brushing and flossing
  • Letting them pick a colourful toothbrush
  • Ensuring they use a fluoride toothpaste to protect their teeth
  • Giving them a healthy diet with sugar and fizzy drinks kept to a minimum
  • Visiting the dentist

Bi-annual visits to the dentist are essential from a very young age, and our dentists have plenty of experience working with younger patients, no matter how nervous they might be. In fact, the sooner you introduce dental visits, the easier it’ll be to get them used to it, and children often enjoy sitting in the big chair and examining the instruments.

Specialist treatments

Because children’s teeth are still growing and changing they have a unique set of needs. Our dentists will be able to give specific advice for your child’s age group, from teaching them to brush to orthodontic work, helping to keep their smile intact. Once those adult teeth start coming through, it’s essential to keep them clean and healthy, as they have to last for the rest of their lives, so pick up the phone and make an appointment for your child today.

Our dental team are highly experienced in techniques and new technology developed for paediatric dentistry. Our goal is to make every appointment fun and Pain Free. We have the latest technology micro air abrasion which uses no needles, no drill and no vibrations.

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