Gum (Periodontal) Disease

Periodontal disease can advance without you realising and unfortunately if left unattended can lead to the loss of healthy teeth. With regular hygiene appointments, our hygienists can monitor your gum health and remove the calculus which can build up below the gum line and can cause periodontal disease and infection and subsequent gum and bone loss resulting in the eventual loss of support for your teeth.

As we get older, ever noticed that some people can develop bad breath? Most times this is due to gum problems and calculus and infection. The development of calculus happens to us all and needs to be removed by a hygienist who is especially trained to do this.

We have three university trained hygienists in our practice to manage this side of dentistry. In our practice we have a waterlase (laser) machine which is used to do gum surgery for more complicated gum issues. The laser is painless and promotes very efficient healing without the need for often painful surgical gum procedures. Start today by making an appointment to keep your teeth for life.