Toorak Fine Dentistry is committed to providing our patients with top quality dental treatment and services, and this is supported by the cutting edge technology that we provide at our premises.

We offer a range of high quality technology to help ensure that your treatment is faster, safer and much more efficient.

Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry is used in a variety of dental treatments such as teeth whitening, gum lifting and dental fillings.

The use of lasers can help to result in less pain and bleeding, as it sterilises the area as it works, reducing the risk of bacterial infection.

Digital X-ray

This x-ray offers a faster solution to the traditional film-developed x-ray, allowing the process to be done in under five seconds.

The image is also made immediately available to your dentist's computer screen so that they can examine the problem areas much faster to offer a solution.

Intra oral camera

View the problem areas of your mouth with the help of an intra oral camera. This makes it easier for you to discuss with your dentist the issues with your teeth or gums, so that you can better understand the treatment required.


At Toorak Fine Dentistry we utilise the Diagnocam, created by KaVo. It is the latest in technology when it comes to dental imagery! The Diagnocam is able to produce in-depth images, but without the use of x-rays. The laser beam projects a live image onto an accompanying screen, allowing our dentist to take you on a guided tour of your mouth.

This technology is able to detect even tiny cavities normally invisible to the eye, allowing us to show you the hidden areas of potential concern, as well as more easily track any change. This is very useful in preventive dental problems early, without the use of treatment!