Teeth Whitening

At TFD we offer two types of tooth whitening:

  • In-Surgery Whitening
  • Take Home Whitening

Both methods are safe and effective. The difference is that the in-surgery procedure is a quick one-hour session, is usually less sensitive and does not require you to do anything but sit and relax. The take home procedure involves taking a mould of your teeth to make customized trays. The whitening gel is placed in the trays and is worn at night. The trays are worn every night until the desired shade is achieved.

This takes 1– 3 weeks.

In-surgery procedure consists of a gentle Hydrogen Peroxide whitening gel and a special Xeon-Halogen light source and can be done in one easy convenient appointment. The Xeon-Halogen light source offers a unique benefit, as it delivers an optimal bandwidth of 350-530nm for the acceleration of photochemical decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide, the main activator in teeth whitening. A special liquid filled light guide transmits all the light energy, eliminating all of the heat, making the whitening experience a cool and comfortable procedure which whitens teeth in about one hour. We also provide you with customised trays to continue your whitening at home, which prevents the relapsing to your previous colour.