Latest Dental Technology

Toorak Fine Dentistry is committed to providing our patients with the most technologically advanced dental treatment and services. By implementing new technologies and techniques, we can ensure that your treatment is faster, safer and much more efficient.

Digital Smile Design, 3D digital scanners and high definition photography allow us to transform your smile with an ultra-aesthetic, natural appearance. Our dentists, Dr Andrew Gronow and Dr Tess Byrne are skilled in the use of these techniques to optimise your aesthetic dentistry.

Laser Assisted Dentistry

At Toorak Fine Dentistry, we optimise the use of laser dentistry in a variety of dental treatments. This includes but is not limited to pain management, gum lifts, root canals and crown and bridge treatments. Laser assisted dentistry results in less post-operative pain and bleeding, reduced risk of infection and faster healing time.

Digital X-Ray, OPG and CBCT

Our practice is fully equipped with digital x-ray systems made immediately available to the dentist. All dental x-rays can be carried out on site allowing our dentists to provide you with a faster solution to the traditional film-developed x-ray and eliminates the need for referral for CBCT scans.

Intra oral camera and 3D Scanner

View the problem areas of your mouth with the help of an intra oral camera and 3D scanner. These technologies make it easier for you to visualise, understand and discuss any issues with your teeth or gums with our dentists and hygienists. At Toorak Fine Dentistry, we place great emphasis on patient education. It is important that you understand your dental needs so that you can make an informed decision on the treatment required.


At Toorak Fine Dentistry we utilise the DIAGNOcam, created by KaVo. It is the latest in technology when it comes to dental imagery for detecting cracks and decay. The DIAGNOcam produces high definition images of your teeth, without the use of x-rays. The camera is a convenient way to verify and supplement x-ray diagnosis and is particularly useful when performing diagnosis on children or pregnant women. At Toorak Fine Dentistry, the diagnocam forms part of our routine hygiene appointments. All images of your teeth are projected onto an accompanying screen, allowing our dentist to take you on a guided tour of your mouth. DIAGNOcam is an exceptional, minimally invasive dental technology. According to the British Dental Journal, “A practice without diagnocam is like a practice without a dental chair”.